Valentine Heart Candy Science Experiment

One of the most well-known Valentine candies is Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. Watch this video to learn how Sweetheart Candies are Made.

What do you think will happen to these candies when they are added to different liquids? Time to do some experimenting to find out!

Gather some 4-6 old plastic water bottles or containers. Fill each container with one of these liquids

  • Vinegar
  • Clear, carbonated drink
  • Cold water
  • Hot Water
  • A liquid of your choice

Make some predictions about what will happen to the heart candies when you put them in each liquid. Write your predictions on index cards or small pieces of paper and place them in front of the bottles.

Drop 2-3 candies in each container. Observe and record any activity on your cards. You may want to take some pictures for reference. Observe again in 15 minutes and record if there is any change, taking pictures for reference. In another hour, observe, record and photograph any changes.

What conclusions can you make? Were your predictions correct? Leave a comment below to let others know your results.

Share a photo of your experiment two ways....

  • Upload to Instagram and tag it #onlineunitstudies #valentinesday @techiehomeschoolmom
  • Upload your picture to your family's "Online Unit Studies" Pinterest board. Write a detailed description about your experiment.

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