All About Thanksgiving

What words come to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? Turkey? Stuffing? Pilgrims? Parades?

Read P is for Pilgrim on Epic! to learn all about the holiday.

To access the book....

  1. Login (or create a new account) at Epic! HERE. You will get a 30-day trial for free (but if you're a techie homeschool family, you will probably fall in love with it and sign up for a monthly plan!)
  2. Search by "P is for Pilgrm" in Epic!.

This video shares some more interesting facts about Thanksgiving.

Did you learn anything new about Thanksgiving? Leave a comment below sharing at least one thing that surprised you about the holiday.

Visit Plimoth Plantations's website to investigate what really happened at the original "thanksgiving" celebration.

Thanksgiving Interactive: You are the Historian

What really happened at the First Thanksgiving? Become a history detective and find out! In this fun, award-winning activity, you take on the role of a "history detective" to investigate what really happened at the famous 1621 celebration. (Hint: It was a lot more than just a feast!)

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