Project Supplies

One advantage of Online Unit Studies is that many projects are cloud-based and you don't need a lot of supplemental resources. Here is a list of materials and tools you will want to prepare before officially starting this Online Unit Study with your kids.

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Online Graphic Organizer

Your kiddos will be making a graphic organizer using an online tool.

CLICK HERE to create a free account ahead of time so your kids can use this program.


There are three optional STEM Challenges included in this unit study. I encourage students to choose at least one of the three they want to do - but they could certainly do all three if they wanted!

Here are the links to two of the activities so you can check them out beforehand, and grab materials if desired:

Growing Your Own Crystal Garden (Alternatively, you could also choose to purchase an activity like this to complement the lesson - my kids really enjoyed this one: Crystal Growing Kit)

Grow Your Own Geodes

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