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The revival of the Olympic Games began with Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937) of France. Coubertin was greatly interested in education, and he firmly believed that the best way to develop the minds of young people was to develop their bodies as well; learning and athletics should go together.

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Click the link below and read about the first modern Olympic games in Athens in 1896. Then, scroll to the timeline at the bottom of the page to learn about other Olympic Games that interest you. Read the details of at least 4 Olympic games, including the most recently completed games.

Athens 1896

First place winners were awarded a silver medal, an olive branch and a diploma. Those in second place were given a copper medal, a branch of laurel and a diploma. The obverse side of the medal has Zeus' face along with his hand holding a globe with the winged victory on it, with the caption in Greek "Olympia".

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