Project: Signing Helen's Words

Although Helen Keller did learn to talk, she could not communicate clearly with her words. Watch this video to hear Helen talk about her speech abilities.

Even though Helen could not speak well, she shared her thoughts and wisdom through writing and sign language. Read these quotes by Helen Keller and choose one that you like best.

"We are never really happy until we try to brighten the lives of others."

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart."

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

"The chief handicap of the blind is not blindness, but the attitude of seeing people towards them."

"If I, deaf, blind, find life rich and interesting, how much more can you gain by the use of your five senses!"

"The most beautiful world is always entered through imagination."

Learn to "say" your chosen Helen Keller quote with American Sign Language (ASL) or by finger spelling. Keep in mind that ASL requires sight, so Helen never used it. She would finger spell to speak. But ASL would work for this project.

Use the dictionary at Signing Savvy to learn the sign of each word. "Browse by Letter" to find each word in the quote. Watch the video,practice and put the words together. If you cannot find a word, do a web search (use search terms "ASL sign +word") or finger spell it.

When you've mastered signing the quote, take a video. Share your video 2 ways....

  • Post it on Instagram with your description and hashtag #onlineunitstudies #helenkeller
  • Upload your video to your family's "Online Unit Studies" Pinterest board. Write a description and send to Techie Homeschool Mom.