Where is France?

Search for France on Google maps. What continent is it on? What other countries are nearby?

Use Google Maps Imagery to discover more about France. Not sure how to use Google Maps? CLICK HERE to learn how Google Maps Imagery works.

Now, find the capital of France and "visit" the city with Google Maps.

Then, select a different region of the country and explore there. How is it similar or different to the capital? Are any of the areas of France similar to your home? Discuss why or why not with your family.

What is the distance from your home to the capital of France? Measure it with Google Maps.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Search for your home
  3. Right click and select "Measure distance"
  4. Click on the map and draw a path to the capital. You may need to zoom in and out to extend the path the full distance.
  5. You will see your distance at the bottom of your map.

Leave a comment to share the distance. Compare your distance with other comments to find someone who lives close to you.