What are rocks and minerals?

The Earth’s crust is made up of many different types of rocks. Over long periods of time, many rocks change shape and type as they are transformed by wind, water, pressure, and heat.

All rocks contain one or more minerals. Rocks and minerals are mined to help make things around us. From large stone slabs to use in buildings to tiny pieces used for jewelry, there are a lot of things you can do with rocks and minerals.

What is a rock?

Rocks are grains of minerals clumped together. Rocks can be hard and rigid, or soft and crumbly.

What is a mineral?

A mineral is a solid that occurs naturally. It is made up of chemicals and is present in all kinds of materials, including our bodies.

Watch the video below to learn about the physical properties of minerals. As you watch, take notes on the 4 physical properties of minterals listed, and important facts about each.

Properties of Minerals Graphic Organizer

Now, you're going to use an online tool to create a graphic organizer about the physical properties of minerals.

  1. CLICK HERE to go to the Wondershare Edraw Max Graphic Organizer Maker. Either create a free account, or log in to your existing account.
  2. Click on "New", then "Block Diagram" then "Blank Drawing".
  3. Add a shape to the center of the page and type in "Physical Properties of Minerals". From there, attach the 4 properties you learned from the video, and also add two details to each property.

Here's an example of what this might look like at the beginning:

When you're finished, click "Share", and drop the link to your graphic organizer in the comments! Take a minute to view the projects of other students, and leave constructive comments below.

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